I am both a designer and an artistI find it necessary to learn from multiple points of view in order to be a great visual communicator. Design has taught me organization, hierarchy, and a love for white space. Art has taught me expression, color, and symbolism, while giving me a taste for the abstract. These two disciplines have complemented each other in my work, driving it to a meeting place that is clean and modern, yet natural and humanistic. Whether I am painting, drawing, or sketching out micro-interactions, what stays constant is my knack for finding a well-rounded approach that unifies many different perspectives.


I am a UI/UX designer currently living in San Francisco. Originally a South Carolina native, I moved to the city after graduation to pursue product design opportunities. When I'm not creating, I can be found painting, cooking, watching YouTube videos, learning to code, or exploring outside.  If you're interested in working with a well-rounded designer, drop me a line on my contact page!