This body of work combines my interest in the human figure and mind with the idea of the daydreaming experience. Daydreaming is the state between reality and fantasy. It is a place where we become half-conscious to our surroundings by momentarily pausing to indulge in our creative minds. Despite the varying types of daydreams people have, it is a common, universal experience. My goal with these paintings is to show the desire for an inward recess from reality that we all experience in everyday life. I want to connect what we see physically with what we learn mentally about people. 

My paintings showcase the movement from reality into the mind through physical motion and an abstract pattern, which represents the formation of the daydream. The figure is shown in a pose that draws inspiration from the movements of tossing and turning in bed. This is indicative of the search for comfort in reality. The surrounding space is a design inspired by quilt patterns. This is another reference to the sleeping process: just as the quilted blanket keeps us comfortable inside of our bed while sleeping, the daydream, represented with the pattern, comforts us in reality.


This series is the preliminary start to my painting series, Daydreams. Here I began exploring the idea of what daydreaming could physically look like. I had each model find a pose they typically fall into while experiencing this inward escape. They were often in seated poses, and a glazed over expression would occur.

Each panel is 36x24" with graphite, acrylic paint, and modeling paste layered over. 2014

Miscellaneous paintings from 2013-2014.