Create a health resource that uses push notifications and location services to let you know when reported airborne illnesses are a threat to you.


This idea began off of a conversation on the ebola scare. A friend and I were discussing whether or not the disease could be spread through indirect contact. Bottom line: no, it can only be spread with direct contact. However, it did get me thinking about the existing common airborne diseases, and how it would be great if there was a resource that could let you know in real time how likely you were to become infected with it.

Airborne diseases are common illnesses that spread when droplets of pathogens are expelled into the air due to coughing, sneezing, or talking. 

After researching the competitors and market, I found there wasn't a resource that was narrowing down the search to the most common diseases nearby. Thus I created an app that would focus on the six most common airborne diseases (influenza, the common cold, chickenpox, tuberculosis, meningitis, and pneumonia), and allow for a report system that would use location services and push notifications to alert users when there is a real risk to their health. 

The user is taken through an onboarding process that explains the app's purpose and permission requests. After enabling push notifications and location services, the user creates an account and answers a few background questions. From this point they are ready to search reported illnesses nearby, edit their profile, or report an illness.